Womp and Circumstance

This short film was created for the 2010 Los Angeles 48-hour film festival.  While we missed the deadline by “that much,” we had a blast creating it.

Starring: Les Mahoney, Felicity Doyle, Drew Doyle, Adam Meyer, Amber McDonald, Karianne Flaathen, Nathan Agin, Jade Warner, John Good, Paige Wilson

Written and directed by Megan J. Wilson

Two detectives embark on a puzzling missing persons case.



Starring: Jade Warner, Karianne Flaathen, Paige Wilson
Written and Directed by: Megan J. Wilson

Three girls go for a hike near an abandoned mine and get more than they bargained for.


Comedy Gold

Starring: Karianne Flaathen, Jack Sanderson
Director: Megan J. Wilson
Director of Photography: Michael Blue

Logline: Breakups are messy.


The Sanctum

(2008) The Sanctum is a six-episode webseries about superheroes in Narcotics Anonymous.  Having great power doesn’t mean you’re any better at dealing with your pain.

Episode 1: Jason

Every little boy wants to learn how to fly.  But what happens next?

Episode 2: Richard

What happens when a man wants to give up his gift for the woman he loves?

Episode 3: Shawna

Who is she?

Episode 4: Eric

The hero who has it all, and doesn’t know where the lines are anymore.

Episode 5: Daniel

Wouldn’t it be nice to be all-powerful?  Wouldn’t it be nice to live forever?  …At what cost?

Episode 6: Annette

Who pays the ultimate price when a child is pressured to perform?


Sanctum avatar







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