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10/12 of the Way Through

Photo attributed to Dafne Cholet by a Creative Commons license

Photo attributed to Dafne Cholet by a Creative Commons license

May 15th I posted this post, marking the beginning of my 1-year goal of submitting a lot of pilots and screenplays to festivals.

With two months left of the year, I can say it hasn’t gone exactly as planned.

This week I submitted three pilots to the Launchpad Tracking Board 2016 Pilots contest.  I’m working on another pilot to enter, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it before the deadline.

And that’s it.  One year and that’s all I have to show for it?  Not exactly.

This year I shot 2 short films I wrote and directed myself (Wolf Peak and Breaking Upwards), and directed a scene in a larger group film effort.  I also did sound on three other films.  In other words, this year alone I added 6 credits to my IMDB page, although they haven’t all been uploaded yet.  So it’s not like I was slacking.

Making film and television in Hollywood is a group effort.  It really is.  The time I spent on other people’s labors of love is an investment in those relationships, and in my own future projects that they might be willing to help with.

That said, my writing has suffered from lack of attention.  Other than 2 more shoot days I’ve committed to in the next month, now I’m solidly focused on writing.  There are fellowships coming up, after all…

Megan J. WilsonWriter/director Megan J. Wilson is the creator of the webseries The Sanctum, and short films Wolf Peak and Mine. She was shortlisted for the 2015 Jameson First Shot competion. She is also a professional ghostblogger, commercial freelance writer and social marketing consultant.