On Action and Inaction, and it Not Being My Fault

I have been suffering from an addition to Facebook.  It's been increasing over the last three months, surprisingly coinciding with my drop in productivity.  I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.  I'm not generally a New Year's resolutions sort of … [Read more]

10/12 of the Way Through

May 15th I posted this post, marking the beginning of my 1-year goal of submitting a lot of pilots and screenplays to festivals. With two months left of the year, I can say it hasn't gone exactly as planned. This week I submitted three pilots … [Read more]

Guerilla Filmmakers Unite!

I joined a Meetup for guerilla filmmakers in Hollywood early this year, under the premise that the most important thing is to be out there, doing it, and meeting people who are doing it.  And it's been very much true.  In July we shot Wolf Peak, … [Read more]

Wolf Peak Short Film Shoot

Yesterday's shoot of the super-short film I wrote and directed, Wolf Peak, went great.  I had the opportunity to work with an almost entirely new crew of filmmakers who I met through a filmmaking meetup, and it was a wonderful experience.  We … [Read more]

A Year of Pilot and Screenplay Submissions

I will confess, I'm only a half-hearted believer in the idea that there is a place we are meant to be, and something we are meant to do.  In general, I'm a pretty pragmatic person, trying to stay focused on putting one foot in front of the other … [Read more]

New Film Script Ideas

I have been thinking a lot lately about universal themes, and how many of history's stories didn't get told, especially women's stories.  It's been making me wonder about how to tell what we think of as modern stories, but set in the past, since no … [Read more]

On to the next thing

After collapsing in a heap for a couple of days upon finalizing all my entry materials for that competition I was shortlisted for recently, I'm now back on track with some other projects.  While I look forward to possibly winning the competition … [Read more]

And… I’m done!

A few weeks ago I applied to a filmmaking competition, and was shortlisted.  It was a really wonderful feeling, for all of the time it took to listen to the voicemail and read through the email, at which point it became a race against the clock … [Read more]

Deadline is Today!

Today is the deadline for the materials for the competition which shall not be named.  I'm actually basically on schedule, which amazes me to no end.  But I'm adding up a lot of days of not-enough sleep! The scene I was given to shoot has been … [Read more]

Taking a short break…

I've been running on 4 hours of sleep per night, but I'm running a bit ahead of schedule right now.  Knock on wood!  One of my assignments for the competition which shall not be named is 80% edited, and I have someone coming to do music for it … [Read more]