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Guerilla Filmmakers Unite!

Bryan Stamp as Louis, Ghostbusters. Photography by Daniel Greenwald

I joined a Meetup for guerilla filmmakers in Hollywood early this year, under the premise that the most important thing is to be out there, doing it, and meeting people who are doing it.  And it’s been very much true.  In July we shot Wolf Peak, which should be out of the composer’s hands in a week or two, and then I will be submitting it to festivals.  As a group, we did a project to get everyone off our buns: a Ghostbusters remake, with each of us directing one scene.  We are finishing up this week and the next, and will compile it together for a screening at the end of the month.

Ghostbusters terror dog, made by Anderson Industrial Arts, photography by Daniel Greenwald

Ghostbusters terror dog, made by Anderson Industrial Arts, photography by Daniel Greenwald

As a filmmaker, it has been inordinately rewarding to work with other filmmakers.  Some of these folks are at the very beginning of their careers, potential DP’s just learning how to use their Canons for film photography, volunteer boom operators learning how to hold a boom and watch the dials on the Zoom H4N to make sure we get what we need.  And then there are also experienced filmmakers, looking to meet new people, looking to expand what they are doing.

As a creative, I can’t stress how important it is to meet and talk to other creatives.  The support when you express an idea and they say “just do it!”, alone, is worth everything, but add collaboration to the mix, and now you have gold.  For all of you out there who are doing it alone – try not doing it alone. Find a meetup, find a forum, challenge yourself, challenge others.  You might be surprised at where it leads.
Megan J. WilsonWriter/director Megan J. Wilson is the creator of the webseries The Sanctum, and short films Wolf Peak and Mine.  She was shortlisted for the 2015 Jameson First Shot competion. She is also a professional ghostblogger, commercial freelance writer and social marketing consultant.