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On Action and Inaction, and it Not Being My Fault

This meme does not belong to me. I do not know who created it.

I have been suffering from an addition to Facebook.  It’s been increasing over the last three months, surprisingly coinciding with my drop in productivity.  I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.  I’m not generally a New Year’s resolutions sort of person.  If I notice something I need to change, I like to think I’ll change it right now instead of waiting for January 1st.  I started running a couple of months ago and that is going great.  But now is the time to go on a Facebook diet.  This time next week I would like to have Breaking Upwards edited and ready for soundtrack, and I’d like to have two IMDB pages up for projects currently in production.  Plus other things.

Facebook isn’t making me any smarter, happier or more successful, so enough already.

Megan J. WilsonWriter/director Megan J. Wilson is the creator of the webseries The Sanctum, director of Floret and Breaking Upwards, and was shortlisted for the 2015 Jameson First Shot competition.