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Wolf Peak Short Film Shoot

photo by Allison McCulloch

photo by Allison McCulloch

Yesterday’s shoot of the super-short film I wrote and directed, Wolf Peak, went great.  I had the opportunity to work with an almost entirely new crew of filmmakers who I met through a filmmaking meetup, and it was a wonderful experience.  We didn’t have a single no-show (and for anyone doing ultra-low budget filmmaking, that’s sometimes an unfortunate side effect to not paying people for their work).  The meetup group is a collaborative group – we exchange our work on other people’s shoots for their work on ours, with the goal of building up all of our skills in the process.

Our cast: Lacey Rae Pawlowlicz, Aviv Rubinstien, Paige Doyle, Nick Dragon.

Our crew: Miles Massey, Alejandro Etcheagaray, Dillon Wilson, Ace Cheverez, Allison McCulloch, Karina Castan, and myself.

Post-Production: Elizabeth Ayiku and James Wakefield.

I am looking forward to working on many more movies with these great people in the future.  The film heads off to the editor this week, and we have 3+ more projects in the works, just among this crew, although we’ll all be playing different roles.

Happy filmmaking!

Megan J. WilsonWriter/director Megan J. Wilson is the creator of the webseries The Sanctum, and was shortlisted for the 2015 Jameson First Shot competion. She is also a professional ghostblogger, commercial freelance writer and social marketing consultant.